Red Shoe Mission

Let’s create our best world one pair of red shoes at a time. The Red Shoe Mission is to lead the way in repairing a fragmented world. We slip our red kicks on and leave a life changing foot print with every step we take. Everyone is fighting a battle we are not aware of. We can brighten their world with a smile, an encouraging word, or even a listening ear. Wearing red shoes will remind us of our mission. Wearing our red shoes will help us spot other missionaries too! We need each other!


The Red Shoe Mission is even bigger than being a sunshiny stranger. The Red Shoe Mission is a calling. It is an intention to get involved in the lives around us. If someone is homeless, we will help them find a shelter or program to get back on their feet. If someone is new to the neighborhood, a red shoe missionary takes them cookies and welcomes them and gives them directions to the closest Trader Joes. If someone is new to the office, a red shoe missionary helps them learn to work the copier and shares resources needed to succeed. If someone is sick, a red shoe missionary will take them food or run an errand for them. The Red Shoes are never for kicking someone when they are down. The Red Shoe Mission is to lift others up.

Red Shoe Missionaries care about people. They care about ALL people and not just those who are like them. Red Shoe Missionaries look for the people who are different from themselves and befriend them. Friendship changes everything. Friendship with someone different from ourselves changes us. A Red Shoe Friend has an open heart and mind. Red Shoe Friends are not intimidated by the dividing walls of race, religion, politics, income, or any other mental partition. Red Shoe Friends always learn something new from whomever they are near. A Red Shoe Friend understands no one has all the answers, but together, through friendship, we can create a solution for anything!

So, why RED shoes? Here’s the birth of the vision…


Chocolat is my favorite movie ever. I view it annually. I usually watch it sometime around Mother’s Day, my Birthday, Easter, or Thanksgiving. Truth be told I watch it more than once a year. I LOVE this movie!!  If you haven’t seen it. Go, now! Stop reading. Watch the movie. It is required viewing for all Red Shoe Missionaries.

…now that you’ve seen it. Remember the scene when Anouk ran home from school crying and threw herself into her little closet? Once again, she had been bullied for being “different.” Her mother rushed to her and asked what was wrong. Through her tears, Anouk says to Vienne, “Why can’t you just wear black shoes like all the other mothers?!” As a mother, as a woman, and a human being, the question Anouk asked shakes me to my core every time. My heart breaks for Anouk and Vienne in that moment, but mostly, my heart also breaks for the town if Vienne had conformed. If Vienne had maintained the status quo, life would have gone on as usual. In that little town, status quo was soul crushing. If Vienne had just worn black shoes like all the other mothers that town would not have been changed! But…Vienne slipped on her red dancing shoes and rocked the boat with the “river rats” and the outcasts. She donned her red rescue shoes as she cared for the abused and accused, Josephine. She even stepped into her red shoes of mercy and cared for the enemy, the Comte de Reynaud. Vienne saw everyone as worthy even before contrition. In so many ways, Vienne created a life that town had never seen before. Because of her courageous acts of friendship, that little French town was reborn. It was given new life.

I want to wear red shoes like Vienne! Will you put your red shoes on with me? Will you be a creator, healer, life-giver in this fragmented world? I can’t do this as a lone ranger. I need you. We need each other. We need purposeful friendships. We need best friends encouraging each other to wear their RED shoes.

Soooo, show me YOUR SHOES! Send me pics. Tell me what you and your friends will be doing in your red shoes today! I can’t wait to hear from you!!


“How beautiful…
are the feet of the messenger bringing good news,
Breaking the news that all’s well,
proclaiming good times…”

-Isaiah 52:7