About Grey


I strive to be a Red Shoe Woman! I am a Disciple of Christ, an Army Chaplain’s wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and psychology student. I am 36 years old and I just realized what I want to be when I grow up! I spent many years gaining experience in several professional fields before I realized that my mission has always been the same, my mission is people.


I love people! I also care deeply about how well they are getting along with their people. I have worked in retail and food service. I worked in the salon industry as a salon coordinator, hair stylist, and nail designer. I served in churches as worship leader and youth minister. I had two successful seasons in the radio and media marketing business. I even sold Mary Kay once! Haven’t we all? Haha!

I have done a lot of things, but my focus always became my people. Many of my co-workers and clients and employees and even bosses became my friends. Every job was the same story. I grew more concerned with helping my “friends” with their relationships than achieving a raise or a promotion. When I was in college for music ministry I had a big cushy chair in my dorm room. My friends would schedule time to sit and talk with me. While other students were in the practice room I was in my dorm room counseling friends. I guess that is why I still can’t play the guitar well.

So, I decided to become an expert in relationships. I’ve got to have a consistent career doing something, right? It might as well be my passion, and I’m passionate about people. I believe with my whole heart that friendship changes everything and I am pursuing that theory academically. I am very near to achieving a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I will pursue a master’s degree in counseling or industrial/organizational psychology. No matter the form my career takes, my mission in life is the same. I will help others have the best friendships, marriages, and professional relationships they can possibly have!

As long as you join me, I will share all the friendship wisdom that I have and will discover. I hope you will share your friendship wisdom with me too! Send me a message. I want to hear your stories! With your permission, I would love to share your stories too. I look forward to making you my Red Shoe Friends.