Mommy Fail…On Mother’s Day

This weekend is Mother’s Day. And this week, I made a major Mommy Fail.

Moms, am I alone? Please, tell me I’m not alone!!!

Sunday is coming, but today…Today feels like the worst.

Two days ago, I realized that I made an error in judgement, a Mommy Fail.

I was shocked by the news this week that my children would not be welcomed back to the school they/we so dearly love, and it is All. My. Fault.

As you know, we spent the last year full-time RV/tiny living. We traveled almost the entire first couple of months. Because our house was on wheels, home was wherever we parked it! We awed at the Grand Canyon and kayaked in Utah. We visited the world’s largest aquarium in Atlanta and built sand castles in Florida. We visited nearly every living relative and caught up with old friends.

Then school began.

We love our kid’s school so much, we decided not to homeschool, as most rv full-timers do. We wanted the stabilization, consistency, and community only our favored school could provide. We parked our home at the closest RV park to our school, only 1.2 miles away. However, because of zoning lines, we had to request for in-district transfer.

We were granted the transfer status. So…no Mommy Fail yet.

Just wait. It’s coming.

September and October pass as well as half of November…my kiddos were terrific students with perfect attendance minus a couple of excused sick days.

We finally decided to take a long trip home to Mississippi and Tennessee for Thanksgiving and my brother’s wedding. My kid’s school is on holiday for the entire week of Thanksgiving. So, I talked with teachers and got assignments for the five days following Thanksgiving.

They did their work on our trip. So, without a worry, we soaked up every second with my aging grandparents over Thanksgiving, and the following weekend, along with all my siblings and parents, we celebrated the union of two beautiful souls by dancing the night away.

We rose long before the sun the next morning to high tail it back home, so our kids wouldn’t miss another day of school. We drove non-stop for 20 hours and we made it!!!

We deserve a travel trophy!!! It was a whirlwind trip, and it was absolutely and undoubtedly the right decision to go.

However, I did not realize what we would be giving up.

(This is where the Mommy Fail feelings creeps in…)

When my kiddos became transfer students the rules changed, and I should have known. I should have read the fine print. I should have checked the absentee expectations. If I had, I would have known that five “unexcused” absences would disqualify my kids from their school. Three days is the max. We exceeded the max, and my kids can’t go back.

I should have known. I could have known!

And my kids don’t know yet. We haven’t told them. The timing of this kind of news is sensitive, and we are praying for wisdom here.

All I know right now, days before we are to celebrate my Mommy Greatness, is that I dropped the ball. And Full-Disclosure: This isn’t the first time I’ve dropped a ball or disrupted our homeostasis.

I’m queen of Mommy Fails!!! (I won’t list them all in this post if you don’t mind.)

But I have a feeling, I’m not the only one who’s made a wrong or hard right call before. I know there are women reading this who are struggling with their worthiness this Mother’s Day.

Maybe your choices cost your family something big this year, or maybe you spoke words that you can’t take back. Maybe you’ve been searching and searching for work that would provide a good living, but the search is still going. Maybe you are still reeling over decisions you made long ago that feel like they’ll never be made right.

If you relate in any way to my major Mommy Fails, and the guilt is burning you down, I need to pass on the words my friends gave to me. And let me tell you! My friends came through for me this week! Their words are extinguishing my guilt fires!

  • Your kids will be fine! They will thrive wherever they go. They are brilliant and resilient. The kids will be fine!
  • God works ALL things for good…! God works ALL things for good…! God works ALL things for good…(Romans 8:28)! Over and over and over, as I reeled over my mistake, my friends reminded me of this truth. Dear Friends, even when we make choices that have BIG consequences, God is in the business of working it all for good! We are not in this alone!
  • We are not raising our kids alone! All good things are not given to our children by us alone, but by The Good Good Shepherd who is always working toward the best for our kids with waaaaaay more wisdom and power than we could ever provide (Psalm 23 & Philippians 1:6).

We must trust! We must trust! Trust. Trust. Trust.

I’m on my journey to trusting God with this, and I encourage you, friends, to have faith.

We will make mistakes, oversights, and decisions that feel like major Mommy Fails. It’s inevitable. But there is no fear, friends! The God of the universe is everywhere we go! There is no place that God is not. God/Love is everywhere we and our children go (Psalm 139:7-12)!!

This Mother’s Day weekend, I pray that we all let go of the flawless Mom façade and welcome the embrace of God who loves us and our children unconditionally.


…Now go get a pedicure!!!!