Sometimes We Just Need Permission…

Once upon a time I was a hairdresser.


For years my hair was slammin’. I was up on the hottest trends and all things fashion. I loved it! It was party time all the time! Then I decided the beauty industry was not all of who I am. So, I made the change. I began the pursuit of my college degree in Psychology. Either way I would be working on heads. 😀


I loved loved loved my classes. I was attending the University of Tennessee. (Go Vols!) Of course, the campus was beautiful. I craved the wisdom that radiated from the walls of the old buildings. I loved learning about human development and what makes us who we are and why we interact with our world the way we do. This stuff was a perfect fit for me. All of it.


In this same season, I began reading on Christian faith, practice, and theology again. My desire to study the Bible and explore various interpretations of it had returned. I felt like I had come home. My soul was swelling with joy from all that I was taking in. I loved it. I still love it. When I study the sacred texts, I am studying the face of God.


I’ve joyfully(most of the time) remained immersed in God, family, and education while traveling the world as a military spouse. These are my loves. However, recently, I’ve had the feeling that something was missing. What could be wrong? What could be missing?


The New Year was a catalyst for these questions. Thanks, January, for making me get real!


The day our kids returned to school my bestie and I had our 2016 review. We met at our computers since she lives a few hundred miles away. The distance doesn’t stop us from a mimosa and soulful Skype session. We came ready with a list of what did and didn’t work for us in 2016. It was a good time with my friend. As I talked with her about what didn’t work for me, I discovered why I had been feeling like something was missing!


I remembered how much I loved designing hair. I remembered how much I loved fashion and music and singing. (Yep, I use to sing too.) I realized I had not been practicing the fun part of me. The artist in me has been neglected. I may be 36 years old, but I am putting my nose ring back in. And I am going to write a new song!


Friends, listen up. We are not only soul and mind. We are also, BODY!!!


And I have been neglecting a whole part of me.


So…I’m making a hair appointment today. I’m going blonde again. Or maybe I should go RED! I exercised this morning. Woo Hoo! (Hope I stick with this one.) If I am going to encourage my friends to be whole, healthy, balanced people I must start by BEING my whole self. Mind, Soul, and Body!


What makes me whole may not be what balances you. Not everyone loves trendy hair, cute skirts, or karaoke. And, not everyone is missing their fun parts. You may be neglecting your soul or your mind. Maybe you need to pick up a book series you once loved, or you have prayers you haven’t prayed in a while. Maybe your year was the worst and you need to say no to everything and grieve. There is time for that. Make time for that. Make time for your heart. It is the only heart you’ll ever have. Take care of it!

Care for Heart- FB.png

This is a New Year. It may not be the year to become a new you. It may be the year to put all the pieces of you back together again.


I just needed permission to be all of who God created me to be. When hanging with my bestie, she affirmed my list. She said, “Yes! Do that! Go for it!” So, I am affirming yours! What part of you has been missing? What part of you needs restoration?


I give you permission to be all of yourself.

It’s what friends do for each other.

We give each other permission.